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Eyebrow Holy Grail


Hi Hi~

I had some free time today so I did a look!

This is the happiest I've ever been with my eyebrows 
No retouching in this photo

Here's what I used: 

I shaved them pretty thin and then went over them with the Dolly Wink pencil in Honey Brown... Then I added Canmake Color Change Eyebrow Mascara in Honey Brown. I've used both of these before, but only separately. I'm so happy with the result of trying both! To me, this is the perfect gal eyebrow 

Btw this is my natural brow color underneath with no bleaching! It's medium brown


What Is Gyaru Kei Fashion? Brand and History (translation) Part 1

Hi everyone, Samii here! I was browsing the internet and saw some interesting gyaru illustrations. I wanted to translate them to share with the community. Then I stumbled into a whole rabbit hole: they actually came from a long, informative article posted on My Navi Woman- a Japanese site for women's fashion- about the history and evolution of the gyaru style (which has been called "Gyaru kei fashion" by the author throughout the article).

You may be wondering, why put hours into translating this when Google translate/website autotranslations exist? Well, it was mainly so I could study Japanese by doing something that interests me. Also, Google translate isn't perfect - especially for Japanese, a language that relies a lot on context clues - and a lot of nuance gets lost during machine translation. 

I am by no means a professional translator, and this is actually the longest thing I've ever translated... So please take that into consideration when reading this article! 

As a final preface, please note the original article was written in 2019 and a lot has changed in these few short years since then. I would also like to point out that the author of the original article is Asahi Sato, a female fashion writer. She clearly has a lot of passion and nostalgia for the gyaru fashion, and the way she wrote about it brought me a lot of joy! It makes me wonder if she was or wanted to be gyaru back in the day. With no further ado, I'd like to share Part 1 of the article with all of you.

The original article on Gyaru Kei Fashion

What is Gyaru kei Fashion? Brand & History. [Illustrations & Diagrams]

Throughout the 90s, gyaru culture was thriving. We call the fashion worn by the gyaru of the time “gyaru kei fashion”. The fashion writer Asahi Sato will teach us in great detail about gyaru kei fashion’s distinguishing points, magazines, and brands.


It was the fashion of light hair, colored contacts, false lashes, flashy makeup and sexy, revealing clothing. 

Gyaru fashion swept the 90s generation by storm, and now that we are in the Reiwa era, it's getting attention once again.

Gyaru fashion changes flexibly under the influence of current trends. I tried to examine and summon the gyaru boom from the Heisei era.  

What is Gyaru Kei Fashion...?

“Gyaru Kei Fashion” Meaning and Definition

“Gyaru kei fashion” refers to a Japanese fashion pioneered by the core boom in Shibuya in the mid to late 90s, and the avant-garde fashion worn by young women at that time.

It has standard distinguishing features such as bright coloring, tanned skin, flashy makeup, revealing clothes, platform shoes, and the like.  


The Evolution of Gyaru Kei Fashion

The 1990s saw the birth and widespread craze of gyaru kei fashion. The mainstream brands were in the Shibuya 109 building, and as such, Shibuya was called the "holy land" for gyaru.

Initially, the trend was called "gyaru kei", but they were subdivided into groups -  high school girls were "kogyaru", middle school girls were "magogyaru" [lit. "granddaughter gals"]. When gyaru became a bit older, they were called "onee kei (onee gyaru)".

"Ganguro gyaru" and "yamanba gyaru" were of the extreme variety, while "hime kei (kyaba kei)" and others who didn't tan also started to appear.


The Distinctive Points of a Gyaru Kei Co*de

The below characteristics were features of what we call the initial gyaru kei style.

        (1) Tanned Skin

A deep tan was gyaru kei's biggest distinction. It was popular to tan at a salon, and at the time of the boom the streets of Shibuya were lined with healthily tanned golden brown young girls. 

Those who did extreme tanning introduced "ganguro" and other substyles, while at the same time more conservative styles called "bihaku1 gyaru" brought in another boom.

        (2) Bright Coloring and Flashy Makeup

Hair colors were fundamentally light brown to blonde, and it was trendy to curl hair using a hair iron.

False lashes, color contacts, bold eyeshadows and other makeup that emphasized the eye were also distinguishing features.

        (3) Revealing Clothing Like Miniskirts and Shorts

Mini-length bottoms were essential in order for the girls to show off their hygienic golden brown tans. 

High school girls wore their uniform miniskirt with "loose socks" as a staple. Additionally, pairing mini-length bottoms with platform heels and boots was also a distinguishing point.

It seems that the observable gyaru kei fashion of the Reiwa era adopted the above-mentioned distinctive traits in small quantities - hair, makeup, revealing clothes, accessories, etc.

In order to suit the ongoing "bihaku" trend, it seems that there aren't as many tanned gyaru as there were at the time of the initial craze.


Example Gyaru Kei Fashion Brands

I'll introduce the brands that exemplify gyaru kei fashion from the time it was trending in the 90s until now.


Nostalgic for those who were gyaru in the 90s. Its distinctive points are the bold logo, the colorful use of primary colors and pop design. The jeans with the COCOLULU logo written across the butt were nicknamed “Ketsululu”. 

These days, they still have a physical shop as well as an online shop. The colorful designs haven’t changed, but, rather than gyaru, it seems to have shifted to more of a Harajuku vibe. 

CECIL McBEE(セシルマクビー)

Of all the gyaru brands, Cecil McBee is responsible for being the #1 Sexiest. Its distinguishing traits are its tops, which can be worn for both streetwear and the office, and the tight silhouette. This brand is also still in existence today after some rebranding. 

In the 90s, it branded itself as “erotic, sexy”, but now the concept is “#1 Mote2 Clothes”.

At present they don’t just have gyaru kei designs, but have also wonderfully adopted a casual elegance.

ALBA ROSA(アルバローザ)

The iconic hibiscus print and brand logo. It was extremely popular in gyaru kei fashion, but the reality is that it was originally a brand intended as “fashion for adults headed to a resort”. 

Resort fashion, where individuals are free to wear clothing in a more open-minded revealing way, caught the eye of gyaru who preferred wearing revealing clothing at the time. From then on, it became a brand that catered to gyaru. 

To this end, Alba Rosa closed all its shops at the height of its popularity in 2005, to try to overturn the image of being a gyaru brand.

Nowadays, it’s shifting its image from a resort fashion brand to a city fashion brand, which is quite a stark rebranding.


A noticeable gyaru kei fashion brand lately.

The model Matsumoto Ayana from the akamoji keiand gyaru kei magazine ViVi was the former producer.

The clothes are revealing with slits and can be styled well with platform shoes, making it suit gyaru kei fashion, but the cool designs also give off metropolitan vibes that also suit Mode kei.  

Ank Rouge (アンクルージュ)

The famous brand which offers the latest trending gyaru kei designs. The director is reader model Matsuoka Rie (Okarie) from gyaru kei magazines, and the clothes have a classic girly vibe that can be dressed down in a casual way; “modern gyaru”. 

Because the brand’s clothes are modest, out of all the gyaru fashion it has a “retro girly” vibe. 


It has both a Girl's line and a Kid's line, targeting a wide age range.

The models have healthy tans and flashy eye makeup, and it is the originator of the sporty and casual vibe within gyaru kei.


Distinguishing Features of Gyaru Makeup

Some facets of gyaru kei makeup haven’t changed since the 90s, but there are also parts that have totally changed. 

    (1) The eye makeup is still the core! 

The distinctive point of 90s era gyaru kei makeup was that the eye makeup was getting more and more flashy. Thin eyebrows with thick liquid eyeliner, sometimes stacking 2-3 pairs of false eyelashes. 

There’s probably nothing as flashy as that now, but still, eyeliner is essential.

There are more people who reject the double eyelid and don’t use tape or glue on their eyelids. For eyelashes, the trend has changed from false lashes to getting extensions for a natural lash.

Rather than the color of contacts changing, the goal has changed to having striking, big brown eyes. 

    (2) There are 2 factions, tanned skin vs. bihaku skin

Because gyaru kei fashion is very revealing, a tan was fundamental. Even though the trend has changed to the “bihaku” boom, there are still people who get healthy light tans.

On the other hand, because gyaru kei fashion has evolved over time, gyaru kei clothing suits the vibe of girly kei and others, and the number of people in the “bihaku” faction is high. 

    (3) Hairstyle has also changed

Light-colored hair is fundamental to the gyaru kei style. When the trend was at its fever pitch, wearing the “mori” hairstyle with a suntan was super hot! Using a hard type hairspray so it wouldn’t collapse, it was a competition of who had the most volume and the highest hair.

Both coloring and style has totally calmed down nowadays. There is no black hair [in gyaru kei fashion], but blonde hair and “mori mori” hair is very rare. 


Example Gyaru Kei Fashion Magazines

Magazines are fundamental to the gyaru kei fashion. They ceased publishing after the initial boom was over, but we're later reissued… I'll introduce some of the representative magazines.

Ane Ageha (お姉さんアゲハ)

Targeting an age group of 25 and up, it caters to the slightly older “onee gyaru”. It’s the direct successor of the tremendously popular monthly magazine “Koakuma Ageha”.

Out of the gyaru kei fashion magazines, Ageha had unique reader models, from which the name “Agejo” came. Because many were working as hostesses, it came to be known as the “kyabakura bible”.

“Himegyaru” and “Ageha kei” held a rather special position in gyaru kei, but Koakuma Ageha was completely canceled after going through a cycle of suspension and reissuing.

The audience of teens and twenties at the time was handed over to “Ane Ageha”.


It stood out as the "relatable" magazine that collected data from the real gyaru of Shibuya, from high school age to twenties.

From bare bellies to piercings, loose socks and more, we honor egg for reflecting on the pioneering booms of gyaru kei and the big trends that followed.

Monthly publication was suspended in 2014, but they later published irregular mooks and operated under a digital model.


Opposite to the shirogyaru magazines, this magazine catered to the tanned ganguro and yamanba "tsuyome gyaru".

Deep tans, flashy hair colors and distinct makeup characterized Ranzuki. It was the magazine of the trailblazing gyaru, but when the trends of the era took a turn, it ceased publication in 2016.

ViVi (ヴィヴィ)

A well-known magazine for the latest gyaru. It was not originally aimed at gyaru, but was called an “akamoji kei” magazine.

Gyaru kei is not concerned with being favorable among men or other people, but rather "what you yourself think is cute", while the point of akamoji kei is having a Mote code that is popular with men. 

Originally, the two were totally different genres but lately, the boundary between gyaru kei, girly kei, and akamoji kei is unclear. Good styling is trendy.

“Vivi” is a staple magazine for akamoji kei and “conservative kei”, and a strong magazine for gyaru kei and girly kei. It’s safe to say it is an indispensable magazine for the balanced gyaru of today.

JELLY ジェリー

A magazine published every other month targeted at adult gyaru and those with a unique casual style.

It’s safe to say that with a brand concept of “Strong and cool, pretty women are popular!”, it certainly suits the style of today’s adult gyaru.

It doesn’t have the vibe of original gyaru kei but doesn’t feel out of place as a reference for those familiar with Reiwa era gyaru kei co*des.

 Popteen (ポップティーン)

The magazine of famous reader models aimed at teens.

Out of all the gyaru kei magazines, it’s definitely a magazine aimed at young teens and high schoolers, and in the golden age of gyaru those who were yearning to be kogyaru read it as if they were in a dream.

The initial gyaru boom has since calmed down, and now it features quite casual fashion but it was driven by teen gyaru culture. 


Example Gyaru Kei Fashion Models

Tsubasa Masuwaka

The “Popteen” reader model who played a huge role! The clothes and accessories worn by Tsubasa created such a surge of gyaru that a new economic effect called “Made famous by Tsubasa” was born.

She’s also famous for producing her own false lashes. Even after graduating as a reader model, she was still sought after as a gyaru model.

Kumiko Funayama (Kumicky)

She was scouted as a gyaru model in Shibuya when she was 17 years old. She was so popular that she adorned the covers of a record seventeen issues of Popteen in a row. 

Three “Kumicky” stylebooks were published, named after her nickname, and she was the idol of all gyaru.

At present, she is an exclusive model for “with”, and is engaged in a wide range of activities such as brand creation and television appearances.

Miyu Ikeda (Michopa)

Nicknamed “Michopa”, she debuted in “JC Popteen”- the “Popteen” aimed at even younger teens- as a reader model.

She was responsible for planning projects for “Super JC” since she was in middle school. She has kept her brown hair and flashy makeup. 

Shiho Fujita

While working as a gyaru fashion model, she became president of her own business at only 19 years old. She uses the unique characteristics of gyaru as a focus for her marketing and has remarkable company activities such as the agriculture project called “Nogyaru Project”, where gyaru farm Shibuya rice. 

[End Part 1, to be continued]

Translator's Notes

1Bihaku - Lit. "beautifully white", it is a beauty standard to have untanned skin free of blemishes that come from exposure to the sun such as freckles, moles, sunspots and sun damage. There are a wide range of "bihaku" beauty products and UV cutting clothes and accessories marketed towards women. It seems that the "bihaku boom" started around the turn of the century.

2Mote- Lit. "attractive, popular, favorable (to the opposite sex)", "mote fashion" is a style that is characterized by a focus on what's attractive to men. Because the beauty standards are very different in Japan, it's quite conservative and feminine - maybe the opposite of what a Westerner might think of when asked what is attractive to men! See the below image as an example.

3Akamoji kei - Lit. "red letter style", it is a feminine style that seeks to emulate the styles in "red letter" magazines such as ViVi and JJ. It started to become popular sometime around 2007 and, like gyaru, has evolved with the modern trends. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Poupee Girl & Gaia Online

Hi Hi~

Ready for a huge dose of nostalgia? 

Thanks to AKP, I was able to get logged on to Poupee Girl!  I haven't gotten a lot of clothes for my avatar yet, but she's already looking so cute!! I'm so excited~ 

Just like real life, I spent all my money on lashes today 

This got me thinking of my old GaiaOnline account... My friends and I used to spend SO much time on there in high school. We would get out of school and instantly log on as soon as we got home. It defined my after-school experience... And while I couldn't afford cute clothes in real life, my avatar was always dressed up super cute

I logged in and while a lot of things on that site have changed, my avatar was still there, waiting for me to dress her up! 

I've been feeling super nostalgic today... I was listening to old music and thinking about the past.

Did you have accounts on either of these sites? 
Talk again real soon!

Today's : Sonic Boom - Maaya Sakamoto

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Short Hair Inspo

 Hi hi~

How is your new year going? Mine is having ups and downs... I'm trying to adapt to my new way of living and accomplish my goals. I think I need to give myself more credit for my successes, too, because I've never been very good at that.
Talk change

I'm so excited because I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday! The last time I got my hair cut was back at the end of September. My hair doesn't grow very fast, but it's starting to get unmanageable and I want bangs again. I always feel like I can't take cute pics without bangs  But I don't dare to do it myself because once I did it so poorly that a hairdresser laughed at me

Confession: I always feel kind of apprehensive to go to the salon because I've had so many terrible experiences... So many hairdressers haven't understood that I have very fine, curly hair and they don't know how to treat it  Or they've ended up cutting my bangs wrong, or made rude comments about my hair... 

But the one I found recently was very sweet and lovely!
She specializes in short hair, and she gave me the push I really needed to lop it all off last time, and I couldn't have been happier 

I've decided to go even shorter this time I know if I want long hair for my wedding, I'll have to start growing it soon so this may be the last or second last short haircut for a while. 

Luckily, short hair was a huge boom in 2012 (my boom year!) so there is plenty of cute inspo! Ready for the photo dump?

And that's all! 

I kind of want to change my hair color to either a honey blonde/brown or the cooler chai color that was so popular back then... But I decided I'm not going to dye my hair at home anymore because it's too damaging, so I might save it for the next salon trip 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? Any big hair changes planned?

Talk again real soon!

Monday, January 10, 2022

No-Buy Year ... Kind of?

 Hi hi~

I hope you're doing great and that your new year is off to a great start.

Since starting my New Year's Resolution to stop buying anything unnecessary, I've stumbled on a genre of YouTube called "no buy" content. Basically in a "no buy", people commit to not buying anything (or buying very little) for a determined period of time. I've been binge-listening to it and it's given me tips to deal with this new way of living, and even helped me to figure out where these compulsions to shop all the time are coming from. 

Here are some of the things I've started doing that have helped:

-Uninstalled my shopping apps. This one hurts my soul because I used to do online "browsing" as a hobby, but since uninstalling them (and Facebook!) from my phone I've found myself doing more productive things like reading the book I've been meaning to finish... though I do sometimes still pull up Buyee and do some scrolling.

-Leaving my wallet at home when I know I'm not intending to buy something. I walk everywhere so this isn't a problem for me, but if I needed the other cards and stuff in my wallet I suppose taking out credit/debit cards and cash would be a good substitute.

-Thinking twice, buying once. I am starting to ask myself- do I really need that item or am I just excited at the idea of it? Do I have something similar at home that I can cherish instead? Finally, will I regret this purchase when the excitement wears off? I know it's a ridiculous concept but I never actually asked myself these questions before. I used to wave my hand and say "It's just a few dollars"... It's honestly scary to think how many times I used my card without thinking about the price because it was under $10. These little purchases that I waved away slowly started to add up, and that's how I ended up in this situation. 

Since I've started these habits, I noticed some changes in my behavior, including utilizing the things I already own. When I'm caught up in the cycle of buying and searching for the next thing almost frantically, I forget to treasure what I own. I recently sent my violin to the shop to get repaired - something I've been intending to do for a while - and also got new batteries put into my old Pokemon game cartridges.  

I also went through and calculated how much I spend on my skincare routine (just skincare, not including makeup). I thought it was pretty interesting. I actually don't feel too bad about it, because it's not one of my worst spending areas (at least not in the past few years). 

Finally, I've been decluttering makeup products that have been sitting around unused for ages (or some that were expired that I was just hanging on to for sentimental value). My ultimate goal is to have a curated collection of items that I love and use.

Of course, you can't go a year without buying anything. I've decided to budget in one reasonable item that's not a necessity per month, under the conditions that it's not something I already own.

I've highlighted my problem areas with spending and identified exceptions. My biggest spending issue is with clothing, and I also buy way too much little stuff here and there, most of which I already own. Here is a little glance into what my personal No-Buy looks like:

Not OK: Makeup that I already own in a different brand/color    OK: Replacing makeup staples; a needed makeup item that I don't already have (Example: I only have one highlighter and it's a powder, which I've found is terrible on my winter skin. So I'm going to use my small budget next month to buy a liquid/cream highlighter)   

Not OK: Clothes, accessories, and shoes... seriously... OK: I do need to replace my sneakers once warm weather comes because the ones I have are ratty.

Not OK: Plushies and anime goods

Not OK: Home decor/candles... OK: Home supplies like cleaning chemicals, lightbulbs etc.

Not OK: Books and video games. I have an entire shelf waiting to be read and played first!!

I know these long, text-heavy pictureless blogs aren't the most fun to read. I just like sharing my thoughts and the recent developments in my life. It's been quite tough and a little scary to have such a drastic change, but if my post can help even one person, it will all have been worth it.

How are your new year's resolutions coming along?

Talk again real soon!


Saturday, January 1, 2022

My Shopping Addiction & My New Year's Resolutions

Hi hi! Welcome to 2022! 

How was your new year's holiday? We spent a quiet night at home with wine and Netflix. Our original plans got cancelled because our hosts got sick with the virus... I hope you're staying healthy! 

I'm on my laptop so no decome this time, sorry... I'm also going to talk about something a little serious and personal.

I've come to the conclusion that I have a shopping addiction. Not in a cute, meme-y way, but in a serious and starting-to-become-a-problem way. It's been hard for me to admit to myself and even now I feel like I shouldn't be talking about it publicly, but they say the first step is admitting you have a problem. And maybe I can help someone who is in a similar situation.

I noticed my online browsing becoming more and more compulsive and my spending growing more out of control. I didn't have an official evaluation done or anything, but these are some of the red flags that led me to this conclusion:

  • I feel like I need to hide my purchases from my loved ones and lie about my financial status and purchase history.
  • I've made really big orders when I shouldn't have, sometimes on a whim, and regretted it later.
  • I have failed multiple times to cut back on my spending/buying even after telling myself I would
  • I don't feel happy or excited unless I have packages coming in the mail.
The unofficial criteria for telling if it's an addiction or not are the following: 
it negatively impacts your life in a significant way, and you can't stop even when you want to.

I think the root of everything stems from that last bullet point: "I don't feel happy or excited unless I am buying something."

Rather than focusing on what I do have, or on nonmaterial things like personal growth, I feel like I've been a zombie all of last year, just browsing online and looking forward to my next purchase. I feel like it's an easy trap to fall into, since I've been working from home for nearly 2 years now and travel and experiences are quite limited. In a world with so much negativity and anxiety, online shopping has been like a band-aid for me. 

Well it's time to rip that band-aid off. My goal for 2022: not to buy anything unnecessary and/or unplanned.

I want to focus on getting my credit card debt paid off, and saving for my near-future wedding (and international move). I want to appreciate what I have and finish the plans I have for the stuff that I do own. I have so many crafting supplies sitting there waiting to be used, or things that I want to film and I just haven't done it yet. 

I've already uninstalled my shopping apps and forbid myself from browsing late at night, when I tend to make the most impulse buys. I started to go through my wardrobe to sell or donate the things I no longer want or need, and take an "inventory" of sorts of what I do have.  

I think that taking a step back from buying will free up so much of my time. I want to focus on non-material pursuits like getting in shape and writing and studying Japanese. There is so much I don't know about, and books that I haven't read yet that I've been meaning to. I want to create things, not just consume!

I also want to focus on quality over quantity. Once I pay off my credit card debt, I want to reward myself with a few really nice things instead of buying a bunch of cheap things on a whim.

The way I currently shop, I buy things I might not have normally bought because they were at such a good price rather than because I actually wanted them. Due to this, I end up getting rid of a lot of stuff (always either donating it or giving it to someone) and my wardrobe is kind of all over the place as well. For someone with so many clothes, it should be more cohesive. Instead, I'll be searching for things I actually want and focus on leveling up my wardrobe. 

So every month I'll update you on how my pursuits are going!

This doesn't mean I'm going to disappear from blogging or from gal, not at all. I'll just be focusing on things I already have, past magazine scans, and more. There is so much I haven't shared and I think that taking a huge step back from buying things will allow me to share it with you! 

Sorry that things got so personal this time, I was debating even posting this but I think it's a necessary step for my "healing". I look forward to what the new year brings- I feel like great things are in store and I'm excited to become a better version of myself. What are your resolutions for the coming year? 

Talk to you again soon!


Thursday, December 16, 2021

December Booms

 Hi hi~

I really can't believe it's the middle of December already... It's kind of terrifying actually  I think it would feel more like December if we actually got some snow!

It's been so long since I made a boom post. I have a few things I'm really into this December, so I thought I would share them with you! 

Boom #1: Patterns- Tweed, Houndstooth, Check and Tartans/Plaids

In my himekaji inspo post all the way back in October, I wrote about how much I was loving houndstooth. Well, that hasn't changed, and I've also become super obsessed with tweed, especially in pink!

Cecil McBee

Emiria Wiz

Liz Lisa

Ank Rouge

I've also been really into check patterns and tried super hard to get my hands on this Liz Lisa skort from one of the fukubukuros... I tried to buy it 3 separate times but the sellers kept canceling on me 

I managed to get my hands on this one though!

Finally, red plaid is so perfect for the Christmas season! I usually don't wear red much at all but this is the perfect time for it~

I think I'll incorporate a plaid skirt into one of my Christmas looks~

Boom #2: Shearling/Teddy

Winter is the time of everything fuzzy! I love soft and fuzzy things, especially in pink and white

One of my favorite things is fuzzy detailing or trims, especially on skirts. I feel like it really makes you stand out as a gal 

Shearling coats are so cute too!

Boom #3: Kuma motif

Keeping in line with the Christmas theme, there have been so many cute bear designs around lately! I've never been huge into teddies, I usually go for dogs or cats (or hamsters ) 

But this year I've really fallen in love with the super sweet bear motifs!

I asked for this Maison de Fleur tote for Christmas~
I can't remember where these sneakers are from but I think it's a western brand

This Liz Lisa sweater is too sweet

Boom #4: Skincare

This one is something I should have been doing, but wasn't... I had a few skincare products that were over a year old, and it was so bad on my face 

I was investing so much into my clothing, hair and makeup that I neglected my skincare! I was super into K-beauty back when it started becoming popular in the US, but lately I haven't been treating my skin well. 

I think I'll do a separate post about my skincare routine and holy grails, but the best brand that I've ever used so far is Hada Labo  My skin is naturally very dry so I need all the help I can get...

That's everything I have for today! What are your booms this December/winter/holiday season? Please let me know in the comments 
Talk again real soon!  


Eyebrow Holy Grail

  Hi Hi~ I had some free time today so I did a look! This is the happiest I've ever been with my eyebrows  No retouching in this photo H...