Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A Few Gets

 Hi hi~

Tonight I was home alone so I decided to go get a few things I needed for my upcoming trip

I only needed deodorant and makeup wipes (plus a new micellar water for home)...

Here's everything I got! I guess Winky Lux put out a rose highlighter - that  I totally didn't need - but omg I couldn't resist it. Look how gorgeous it is! It's like something from a beautiful fantasy world.

I tried to do a small swatch but you can't really see it well, I'm going to blame my bathroom lighting and the fact I didn't want to press too hard on it and ruin the flower lol

And I was stunned to find the Wet n' Wild Cherry Blossom collection still in the store even though sakura season is long over! 

I decided to get the face spray and the lip treatment to complete the collection (aside from the blush, which I absolutely DID NOT need)

Here they are alongside the rest of the collection! They both have the same pleasant, sweet scent as the lip glosses, which I really like  The face mist is a bit tacky and sticky and I kind of expected that for the price, I figure I can bring it on my trip instead of my expensive one from the Iconic.

That's all for tonight! I hope you enjoyed my little haul ~
Until next time,

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Current Booms

Hi hi~

It's been a while since I posted about my booms! 

So as we get closer to summer, I thought I would share with you what I've been loving lately!


Fuchsia - It may come as a surprise, but up until very recently I wasn't really a fan of fuchsia/hot pink as I prefer to stick to more pastel tones! But I am super excited to incorporate it into my wardrobe, especially this Emiria Wiz handbag I ordered that will match so well with everything 

Chain Print & Baroque Print

I've been a big fan of chain print for quite a while, it's such a dream when it's paired with pink This summer I feel ready to "bloom" into my fullest self and embrace these louder prints that really lend a luxe vibe to any coord 

Fake Jewel Print
I've been absolutely obsessed with these jewel prints! All of my boom themes are really loud and blingy right now lol

 Kyaba Dresses
Finally, the least practical of my booms... Kyaba dresses! I can't imagine when I would ever wear one except maybe on my birthday/bachelorette party or just for taking pics? But still, I love the idea of getting all dolled up and feeling like a million bucks~

I'm really feeling like I'm growing outside of my comfort zone lately to become my fullest self! 
What are your booms lately? Tell me in the comments!
Until next time,

Friday, May 20, 2022

My Gyaru Accessories

 Hi hi~

How are you? This post was kind of inspired by Lizzie's posts where she shows us her gyaru wardrobe. I want to slowly take an inventory of everything I own so that I can appreciate it more and also know what I have and don't have as I work to perfect my wardrobe  

I've also started using this app called Acloset to keep track of my wardrobe, log my outfits, and see my style analytics! It's been helping me a ton to think of some new and creative ways to coordinate pieces that I never would have thought of on my own.

So I'm going to start with my accessories first! I just organized them the other night. I got rid of a few items that were in bad repair or that I wasn't wearing often.

First: my earrings! Earrings are probably my favorite accessory and I have a ton.

These are the earrings I've been wearing the most lately, as they are the ones suitable for onee/ane agejo/kyabajo! Most of them are literally from Shein but they look really nice imo. No need to spend a ton on designer costume jewelry.

Here are the ones I find suitable for himekaji/softer styles! I made all of the ones in the bottom row~ Of course there is some crossover between the substyles. 

These are my special occasion and Christmas/etc. earrings. My mom made the two pairs of gummy bears! Crafting runs in the family~

Now for the necklaces 

My pearl necklaces! I wear these the most often as pearls are the most common motif in my outfits and are suitable for almost everything!

These are the hime/himekaji necklaces! I made that JD replica and the parfait - I make a good percentage of my accessories.

A few more cutesy ones. I want to make some more cross necklaces! The little bow on the left is from Ted Baker and I wear it so often. 

Bracelet time!
I love my bracelet collection so much. I made the majority of them and thrifted many others! Some of them were gifts too, which I'm really thankful for

I love all of these so much! They work perfectly with my wardrobe.

Here are my "trendy" pieces that are suitable for Reiwa gal (plus a necklace that snuck in; it's the same as the one the gals wear in the GAL IS MIND video!)

And my tropical/beach vibes jewelry! I pretty much only wear them in the summer. 

In the end, the majority of my jewelry is handmade/thrifted/from Shein, so while I have a lot, the collection itself is pretty cheap. I love making my own gal jewelry and want to make more, but as I get a little older I would love to own a few pieces of fine jewelry.

 I also want a small necklace that I can quickly match with almost anything, as I find myself needing one. Otherwise, I am quite content with my accessory collection and need to keep that in mind next time I see anything shiny and eye-catching 

  What did you think? Which pieces are your favorite? I'm excited to share the rest of my gal wardrobe with you 

Until next time!

A Few Gets

 Hi hi~ Tonight I was home alone so I decided to go get a few things I needed for my upcoming trip I only needed deodorant and makeup wipes ...