Thursday, June 17, 2021

Gyaru Crafting Challenge: Beach Jewelry


No deco this time because I'm on my phone!

How are you? I'm not feeling amazing tonight - a bit of a headache, kind of moody, my legs hurt and I'm craving sweets like crazy

To distract myself, I decided to do some crafts and finally got around to day 2 of Rae's crafting challenge: beach themed jewelry! (For my first day click here) I recently bought a ton of crafting supplies from Aliexpress, including plumeria beads and wooden beads~ I made some beachy jewelry just before the crafting challenge was announced and I made some more tonight!

I think the flowers pair nicely with the pearls as well~

Which one is your favorite?

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Gyaru One Week Co*de Challenge

 Hi hi~

The lovely Natsumin did a co*de challenge a few weeks back and I know I'm super late to the party, but I've been meaning to take part! I didn't have many co*de pics so I had to get dressed up for these even though I usually spend Monday-Friday in Pajamas, old t-shirts and slippers. The work from home life...

So if you'll forgive me for being a few weeks late, here we go!

Monday: A coord that makes you feel comfy

To me, comfy means baggy and loose clothing. I usually treat Saturday or Sunday (sometimes both) as my "cheat" day and eat (and drink) a lot which means I need something that isn't tight. I'm also the kind of person who wears blankets even in the summer, so a comfy coord needs to keep me warm.  Also, Mondays suck and I just want to feel super cozy to make it better! 

Hangover who?

I chose my Rady dupe hoodie dress from my recent Shein haul! Slides are a must for comfy days, they're my absolute favorite this summer. No blisters, no heels, and you can just throw them on as you're walking out the door. Finally, the odango hair is low maintenance and still cute~ If I'm running to the store or something I can pop on a ball cap and be a super comfy casual gal! Even my earrings are pearl studs to keep things simple.

Tuesday: A coord that says "spring"

It's summer here now and I'm sorry I'm so late!
But Spring always means "flowers" to me, and a light sweater plus some tights to keep me warm against the spring breeze. 

Bolero: DaTuRa 
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Bag charms: Betsey Johnson, SweetHeartYun
Shoes: Shein
Acce: Gifted, Aliexpress

As much as I love summer, I miss spring fashion! The points for this super sweet spring outfit are my flower hair accessory and my bag charms

Wednesday: A coord that makes you feel cute & romantic

Cute means fluffy skirts and pigtails, plus some heart motifs for the romance! 

Sweater: DaTuRa 
Kuma Bag: Aliexpress
Shoes: Discount store
Acce: Aliexpress, Shein, YesStyle

Another colder-weather coord, but my kuma bag, shushu and moko-moko shoes add fluffy and cute touches! While pink is my go-to "romantic" color, mint is my favorite color ever and I always feel cute wearing it. My earrings and necklaces have heart details

Thursday: A coord that makes you feel badass

My best-kept secret is that I love the badass aesthetic and have quite a few punk/furyou things hidden away in my closet! 

Halter top: Skinny Lip
Outer: H&M
Shorts: Francesca's
Dirty old sneaks: Ted Baker
Fishnets: YesStyle
Necklace: Shein

The black/gold combo + fishnets + distressed status of my shorts and shoes made me feel like I'm ready to pick a fight outside of a 7-11 lol. It's very different from my normal style which is more on the soft side, but I really want to dress this way more often 

Friday: A coord to party hard

Fridays and parties mean it's time to get wild and be sexy! 

Criss cross top: Skinny Lip
Skirt: Express
Tights and belt: Aliexpress
Shoes: Nine West

I got wild with the animal print of my top and incorporated the sexy with my pleather skirt. I kind of want to replace this one though; I'm not huge on the silhouette now that I'm seeing it. The points for this outfit are the tiny wrist purse that I can easily keep hold of when I'm out drinking, and the change of shoesIf I'm going to be dancing and drinking, I need flat shoes lol. I'm speaking from personal experience on that one. 

Saturday: A coord that makes you feel like a celeb

Of course I have to bust out the Rady for this one

Hoodie: Rady
Shorts: Francesca's
Boots: H&M 
Sunglasses: Rady
Hat: TJ Maxx/offbrand
Earrings: "Chanel"
Wallet: "LV"

Big sunglasses to hide from the paparazzi? Check. Flexing on the down-low with "designer" earrings and wallet? Check. Celeb status achieved? 

Sunday: A coord for a family dinner

My parents are so fussy about what I wear - they're very old-fashioned and I don't want to hear them complaining about how short my skirt/dress is or that my jeans have holes in them so I know how to dress when I'm around them. 

Dress: Rady
Shoes, earrings and belt: Shein
Bracelet: gifted

I chose this lovely Rady dress! The point of my outfit is the bracelet that my mom gave me She always remembers me what she gives me and it makes her happy when I wear them.

And that's everything! Sorry that I did this challenge so late lol~ But it was a lot of fun, thanks to Natsumin for putting it together!

Until next time,


Monday, June 14, 2021

Shein Haul | Part 2: Etc.

Welcome to Part 2 of my Shein Haul! I showed you everything I got that reminded me of Rady in my Part 1. This part doesn't really have any specific theme... but I have a reason behind everything I got (I think?) and I'll share it with you, so let's jump right in!

First is the thing I was most excited for out of the entire haul! I introduced it in my Shein gyaru dress post and absolutely couldn't resist ordering it. I was/still am planning to wear it for my birthday this year!

And when I opened it up, I was kind of... disappointed?!

I suppose the $10 price tag should have tipped me off, but the real thing is nowhere near as brightly colored as the model image! They must have turned the saturation way up when editing the photo. What I thought I was getting was my two favorite colors in a super vibrant, tropical dress, and what I ended up getting was a kind of dusty, toned-down version of it...

What it looks like in direct sunlight

What do you think?! I still like it, just not as much as I thought I would. Maybe I overhyped myself about this one. 

Next up are the bags that I got~

I actually realized recently that I had no small black shoulder bags! All my black bags are really huge and I needed a smaller, simpler one. Shein has tons of really cute bags and I had trouble choosing at first was going to pick one of their knock-offs of Chanel knock-offs but I finally settled on this one!

It's decently spacious and can fit my wallet, phone, keys and assorted lip glosses etc. and the pearl handle also detaches! Perfect for dressing it up or down.

Next I got this crochet beach bag that I mentioned all the way back in my gyaru swimwear post!

It's quite spacious as well and can hold my towel, a change of clothes, sunscreen, and even Yuchan's swim trunks as well 
But it looked a little plain...

Much better now!

The last bag I got is this absolutely adorable teddy bear... I couldn't resist it! I posted it on my insta story and Rae mentioned that she had it in pink, so I knew I had to get it.

How precious is he?!

He's also surprisingly spacious and unzips quite wide! He's also soo soft
I had to trim the fur around his eyes and nose (a technique I remember my mom doing to many of my childhood plushies) but now he's looking perfect! I also found this one on Aliexpress but the discount codes and Shein coins I had made ordering through Shein cheaper. Either way, I love this sweet little kuma-chanI think he'll make any outfit much cuter!

Finally are my acce!

I got yet another pearl necklace; this one is a choker with a cute heart clasp. I also got some pearl earrings which are totally inspired by ones Shi-chan often wears.

I also got these two resin rings, which kind of remind me of some of the ones from Alba Rosa! There were actually a ton of different patterns to choose from, but I settled on these two because they were supposed to match my birthday dress lol (I still want the dragonfruit one too!)

It just fit and I wear a size 7 ring (in US sizes... I just realized idk if there are different ring sizes throughout the world?) Super cute but be careful with sizing! Either way, they were a little over $1 so I was willing to take the gamble.

Next is this necklace...

I was trying to put together an Ora Ora-inspired look when I realized none of my necklaces matched with the style. So I picked this one up! They had several different years, but not my birth year boo so I went with 2000~ Kind of reminded me of Black Diamond -from 2000- I guess!

I also got pom pom pearl earrings after seeing some in a scan and missing my old ones that were either lost or broken! 

The scan in question - I love how they incorporated the "cute" pom poms into an edgier, more mature and sexy style!

And last but not least I got another chain belt! My other one has pearls all over it and I needed something more neutral for different outfits.

It looked a little too plain, so I grabbed a gold heart charm that I had in my crafting stash and attached it to the end! It's perfect now This belt was only $2 and just because something is plain and cheap doesn't mean you can't modify it to be more gal! 

I also just remembered- I got this white bodycon skirt as well, but it requires shapewear lol so I don't have any photos of me wearing it!

And that's everything! As you can see I'm testing the waters with different styles - I've been looking at a lot of Soul Sister scans lately and feeling inspired.

What was your favorite item from this haul? 
Thank you for reading!♡ 
Talk again real soon~

Gyaru Crafting Challenge: Beach Jewelry

 Hiiii No deco this time because I'm on my phone! How are you? I'm not feeling amazing tonight - a bit of a headache, kind of moody,...